Illinois Women

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Illinois Women

Women of the Prairie State: 25 Illinois Women You Should Know

By Marty Darragh, Jo Pitkin and Others (including Joyce Ray)
Illustrated by Lisa Greenleaf

These pioneers, torchbearers, and trendsetters of the Prairie State were everyday women who accomplished both personal and professional goals through their strength and determination.  25 Illinois Women You Should Know.

RL 5.5 – ages 9 and up
Interest level: grades 5 and above (136 pages)

ISBN 978-0-9842549-2-7


Loïe Fuller – Dance Artist

Loïe Fuller was the world’s top dancer in the late 1800s. She was a pioneer in the use and design of stage lighting. A slide projector called a magic lantern projected photos of the moon, microscopic cancer cells and even presidential portraits onto her swirling silk costumes. One of her goals was to make music visual.

Source: “Technology’s Ghosts: Loïe Fuller & the Magic Lantern”, Jody Sperling

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